About Us

CredenZeal Services Pvt. Ltd. chose to diversify into Sports, Health and Fitness in September 2015, introducing brand “SportsZen”.

Rajeev Sharma, MD, being an amateur sportsman and fitness enthusiast himself, seized this opportunity of expansion very passionately. Being an athlete during his school days to an obese individual in the Corporate world who decided to get back into shape in 2006. Experiencing it firsthand Rajeev was completely convinced that sports or fitness regime is necessary to be inculcated in every individual’s lifestyle, irrespective of their age, sex, shape and size.

At alarming rate, lifestyle diseases and stress levels are very common among every age group, may it be children, youths, young parents, mid-age adults or senior citizens. It has become a necessity to make sports or some form of fitness activity a HABIT in one’s day to day life.

Wanting to shape this up in an organized, convenient and simple manner with no trivial excuses, SportsZen began its journey last year. Attempting at exploring innovative solutions that every individual could adopt for better and healthy living.

SportsZen strongly believes that Corporates and Institutions should inspire at bringing this healthy change by encouraging their employees to adopt some kind of fitness regime at home or at the office, which further complements the office decorum as well. This shall not only help the employees manage their stress levels and live a healthy life, but also bring in creativity, happiness, positivity and higher efficiency amongst the workgroup.

Currently, SportsZen’s partnership with reputed International fitness brands offers unique fitness solutions for individuals of all age groups – kids, teens, youths, mid-age adults, senior citizens and a certain group of physically disabled individuals. SportsZen’s current offerings include WALLBARZ, Flexi-Bars, XCO-Trainer, Sports Goods, Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Solutions and Corporate Engagement programs through team sports.

SportsZen shall continue to encourage, explore and bring such convenient and fitness solutions to people at every age, thus leading to a healthy and happy place for everyone to live in.