About Wallbarz

  • European range of unique and Elite Lifestyle and Fitness products / solutions
  • Designed & Certified with European Safety Standards
  • Utilizes very less floor space. Compact in nature
  • Its unique look and utility offers a distinguished experience to the Children
  • First Time in India an INDOOR solution, come rain or smog in your city, Children still can enjoy Physical activities without any health fear
  • Vacuumed installation (no wall drills) & can be dismantled very easily

  • Made of Steel & covered with PVC material. All nuts and bolts are covered
  • Strong, Durable & Attractive for children
  • Occupies approx. 1 sqm ground space

How will WALLBARZ benefit the children?
From climbing on to it, swinging, sliding, somersaulting and exercising, WALLBARZ Indoor products are apt for engaging children

  • Reducing their Digital Screen time
  • Offering a structured and un-structured play (motor skills activated)
  • Develops emotionally, cognitively, and physically
  • Self-Body weight resistance which means low chance of injury
  • Prevents / Reduces any Childhood lifestyle diseases (Obesity, migraines, diabetes, hypertension, heart)
  • Improves Energy level in academics
  • Decrease in depression & stress
  • Develops Inter & intra personal skills, which is necessary for any team activity

Helps children to develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, cooperating and learning about winning and losing

Requirement from the Home :

  • Adequate space for installation
  • Sturdy ceiling & flooring (No false ceiling)

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