About XCO-Trainer

The XCO® is a patented system of a tube filled with a free moving mass which consists of loose particles of an irregular shape. By dynamically swinging the XCO® back and forth, the oscillating mass is propelled, rocket like, from one side of the tube to the other. The impact on the end of the tube triggers a series of responses from the body, particularly in the deep muscles of the core. XCO® is light (600 grams) and very easy to use, either when walking or running, or for specific strengthening exercises.

Who can use XCO?
Regardless of whether you are a Group Fitness Trainer, a serious athlete, a fitness runner, someone who prefers a good walk, or someone who just wants to tone the body, XCO® is the perfect addition to your workouts.

Training Benefits:

  • Burn up to 33 more calories*
  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase your muscular strength
  • Improve your sports performance
  • Reduce your body fat

  • Strengthen your Core
  • Tone your Upper Body
  • Tone your lower body
  • Improve your Running Performance
  • Shorten your workout time


XCO-TRAINER® Walking & Running


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