Energy expenditure during a 30-minute exercise unit with the “FLEXI-BAR®” – Pilot Study

Editor: Institute of Medical Physics Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 

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Deep Penetrating 3-D Training with the FLEXI-BAR®

Editor: M. Sc. Phys. (Univ.) Markus D. Gunsch

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New Effective Training and Therapy Concepts:


Editor: M. Sc. Phys. (Univ.) Markus D. Gunsch

German     English

Acute Effects of FLEXI-BAR® VS. SHAM-BAR Exercise on Muscle Electromyography Activity and Performance

Editor: Sport and Exercise Science Research Center, Academy of Sport,
FESBE, London South Bank University, London, United Kingdom

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AGR seal of approval

In recognition of the production of back-friendly products the FLEXI-SPORTS® GmbH has been awarded the AGR seal of approval for the FLEXI-BAR® and the FLEXI-BAR® KIDS.

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Counterfeits from Asia

Currently fake FLEXI-BAR®s are available from Asia. We proceed against this counterfeits, not only because trademark rights are injured in some cases, but  also as the training effect is different.

Harmful materials: In addition, according to audits of the company arotop environment & food GmbH (Research Institute of taste, food and environmental analysis), the use of some of these devices may be harmful, because it may come in contact with perspiration , and thus heavy metals could .detach and be absorbed (Lead compounds are considered toxic and teratogenic. Some cadmium compounds are considered to be a neurotoxin and carcinogenic)

Gentle training for a strong back

AGR e. V. recommends particularly effective exercise equipment that is fun at the same time!

Swinging vibrations help to slow your day down.

The elastic vibration bar “FLEXI-BAR” offers a range of exercises specially geared to the spinal column and the muscles. Whether in the gym or at home, the 1.50 m long flexible bar with rubber-coated handle can be used in many different ways. The vibrations generated when swinging the bar reach the deep trunk muscles, compared to conventional strength training that only addresses the surface. Even short training sessions of just ten minutes generate a sustainable effect in strengthening the muscles in your back, chest and arms, while toning chest, stomach and buttocks. The FLEXI-BAR can also be used to relieve tension or for yoga.

This exercise relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles. Take a large step forwards with your left leg at the back. Raise your heels from the ground, standing on the balls of your feet. Grasp the FLEXI-BAR with your left hand, leaving your arm stretched out as long as possible, just with a minimum bend at the elbow. Swing the bar up and down towards the floor, still keeping your arm close to your tight. Continue swinging the bar steadily for 60 seconds if possible. Tip: lean your head over to the right for a greater stretching effect in your neck muscles. Then change sides.