The FLEXI-SPORTS functional flooring, made in Germany, has been developed to produce the stress-reducing effect. This effect has been tested and verified by the Institute of Ergonomics in Munich making it the first shock absorbing floor that has at least 60% less strain on joints. The effective cushioning characteristics are proven to counteract fatigue and ensure motivation and performance.


The functional flooring meets the highest quality and stress requirements. As a supplier to the German automotive industry, “high quality” and “made in Germany” are high on the list. The systems are distinguished by ergonomic design and optimum comfort, robust construction, and durable, extremely resistant materials. The functional flooring has been developed and manufactured according to the highest safety and quality requirements, based on UN quality management, certificated under ISO 9001:2000.

Technical Data


  • PUR foam (polyurethane in foamed form is polyurethane as a permanently elastic flexible foam)
  • Maximum thermal load: 80o C Resilience: Compression hardness (40%) with 0.25 N/mm2 (corresponds to around 25 tons/m2)

Product Version

Flooring System (mats) – Flooring System mats (size: 880 x 880 mm) can be freely arranged. The mats have a 90o edge in the middle of the surface and can be arranged similarly to tiles. It is possible for customers to modify or cut them using a carpet knife. The outer elements at the edges and corners have a flattened beveled edge and are furnished with a unique article number. The tiles are glued together on the front side. Flooring System (puzzle mats) The mats are formed into puzzle elements using a water laser. That makes it easy to lay them out or transport them at any time. The outer elements have a flattened beveled edge at the edges and corners and are furnished with a unique article number.


The protected functional flooring system, made from a permanently elastic, cellular polyurethane (PUR) substance combines strain-reducing and non-slip characteristics and offers maximum comfort and protection for the workers. And despite the cushioning function, it is suitable for a load of 25,000 kg per m2. It consists entirely of permanently elastic polyurethane (PUR). The soft built-in foam is therefore suitable for continuous loads.

Important Features

  • Reduces the joint load up to 60% according to reports
  • Permanently elastic floor coating due to PUR core
  • Robust, easy to clean and non-slip surface
  • Subsonic noise-isolation and shock-absorbing qualities
  • Cold and warmth isolating
  • No sticking together on the ground necessary
  • No permanent installation required, easy removal and reinstallation
  • AGR certified and recommended
  • Counteracts fatigue and gives you the motivation to perform for longer duration’s
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