The FLEXI-BAR® Kids with its size of 1.15 m is ideal for children aged 6-12 years.
1. Especially for children, the training of balance, coordination and posture is very important. The foundations have to be laid before puberty. Moreover, a careful and gentle way to strengthen the muscles has to be selected. Both can be achieved at best with the Flexi-Bar® Kids. Gymnastics exercises facilitate handling.

2. Latest figures show that in Germany almost every 3rd child is overweight. The FLEXI-BAR® helps kids to lose weight easy on the joints and to stimulate fat metabolism. As swinging the FLEXI-BAR® Kids is fun, losing weight will be no load anymore,
Tip: The FLEXI-BAR ® Kids is perfect for seniors, for whom the use of the FLEXI-BAR ® standard due to its length and vibration severity is too hard.

Specifications ORIGINAL FLEXI-BAR® Kids:
Length 118 cm
Weight 472g