The FLEXI-BAR® Standard is ideal for both beginners and already well-trained people of all ages.

The FLEXI-BAR® Standard has been awarded the AGR seal of approval as a training tool for spinal therapy and gymnastics. The FLEXI-BAR® Standard can be used in therapy and prevention as well as in any other sport, as it improves balance, stability, strength endurance and coordination.

Three sessions of 10 minutes per week ensure a completely different body feeling and an effective workout.

The FLEXI-BAR® Standard causes:
– Proprioceptive therapy for neck and back pain
– Strengthening of connective tissue
– Improvement in posture
– Body Styling
– Gluteal muscle definition
– Fatburning
– Improved ability to concentrate
– Can be used supportive in recovery training after pregnancy

Specifications ORIGINAL FLEXI-BAR® Standard:
Length 153.5 cm, weight 508g

Size: 25.40 x 1.58 cm, 300 dpi