Originally conceived as a form of therapy, the patented secret is located inside the XCO-TRAINER®. Unlike “Dead free weights”, a special granule is used inside the XCO-TRAINER® as a flywheel mass. Through dynamic back and forth movement of the XCO-Trainer®, the flywheel mass explosively spins from side to side.
The XCO® TRAINING is appropriate for every user because it can be learned very quickly and can be individually metered. By the reciprocating motion of the flywheel mass inside the XCO-TRAINER®, you get an instant audible feedback during your workout!

Benefits of XCO® TRAINING
– Total-body workout
– Arms, shoulders, abdominal and back training while running
– Relieves tension
– Improves your running style
– Ideal fat burning workout
– Has a body-toning effect
– Outdoor and indoor use
– Group and/or private training possible
– Accepted form of therapy
– Teaches body awareness
– Includes an acoustic control of the training
– Is individually metered
– Improves the sense of rhythm
– World patent exclusivity