The XCO-TRAINER, briefly called XCO is an aluminum tube which is two third filled with a highly specialized shale granular substance. The XCO is a dynamic swing dumb-bell.

By swinging the XCO the loose mass needs to accelerated and decelerated by muscular strength. The granular substance follows the impulse but slightly delayed. This creates the XCO EFFECT.

What is the XCO EFFECT?

When XCOs are moved the loose mass reacts delayed. The bounce of the granular substance hits just when accelerating to the other direction. So the user must absorb the rebound PLUS move the mass. Moving the XCO back and forth gives a reactive impact. That means there’s an impact to your deeper muscles, sinews, ligaments, joints and collagen. That’s why we call it XCO: X-cellent COllagen.
Other then training with standard “dead” dumb-bells XCO TRAINING is joint-friendly. The granules have different sizes and therefore move with different speed. As a result they reach their final positions at slightly different moments and the bouncing energy is spread over those moments. Also, the loose mass absorbs a big part of kinetic energy.

As the loose mass builds up momentum, the movement of the granules from one end of the XCO to the other can be felt and heard and indicates to the user that it has been properly activated. That enables you to keep your moving quality constantly on a high level – even when jogging or walking.
Training with XCOs is more demanding but also much more effective than conventional training. A study from University of Nuremberg (Germany) found out that XCO WALKING respectively XCO RUNNING increases the heart rate by 23%, oxygen uptake by 32% and energy consumption by 33%.


The plyometric movements of large muscle groups produce an immediate increase in heart rate. On the other hand, in cardiovascular training, by smoothly transitioning from one individual exercise to the next, heart rate remains relatively constant. To achieve the full benefits of endurance training, such as fat-burning, the length of the exercise routine should be never be less than 30 minutes.

In a study conducted in 2007 by the Institute of Medical Physics at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-

Nuremberg, the relative effectiveness of various exercises with and without the XCO-TRAINERs was compared, using the respective parameters of heart rate, oxygen intake and energy expenditure. Given a maximal error margin of 5%, the differences were extremely significant and therefore very applicable.

It was proven that by activating arm and upper body musculature, the XCO-TRAINERs increased the intensity of the exercises, which is a factor of great importance in boosting the effectiveness of cardiovascular fitness training. Calorie burning was boosted by 33%., which also resulted in a higher rate of burning carbohydrates and fat. (cf. Stengel, S.K.; Kalender, W.A.; Kemmler, W.: Influence on Energy Expenditure, Oxygen Intake and Heat Rate during Walking and Running by Utilization of XCO-TRAINERs; Study by the Institute of Medical Physics at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen- Nürnberg; 2007)


A key advantage that free weights have over stationery exercise equipment is the tremendous number of possible variations. The shifting masses of the XCO-TRAINERs produce other important benefits as well. The shifting mass causes a much different result than an inert mass is able to achieve. The most beneficial of these effects is realized at the end of each movement. The body absorbs the delayed impact of the shifting mass, which acts as a load charge on the muscle fibers. The connective tissues, including the ligaments and synovial joint capsules, all benefit alike from this delayed or REACTIVE IMPACT.


XCO-TRAINING improves both Intra- and inter-muscular coordination. By preparing the musculature is through rapid stretching-and-shortening cycles, reaction time is improved. The resulting improvement in coordination makes itself apparent by enhanced performance.


The increase or maintenance of flexibility is dependent on two factors. First, all peri- and intra-articulating joint structures (synovial joints and joint capsules, ligaments, etc.) must be able to facilitate flexibility. Secondly, movements in all situations must be stabilized by the musculature itself.
It can be concluded that the XCO-TRAINER is a new comprehensive training tool that can significantly improve the effectiveness of fitness training.